Ariston University



Keeping up with the increasing demands of a global economy, the Quality Council will consist of three advisory boards: Business, Government and Academic. Their members will be representatives of prominent businesses of the region, government officials and distinguished academicians. The Quality Council will be receiving input from these sources with the intent to convert it into course objectives.

Such design will provide flexibility and will facilitate the continual updating of curricula. This ensures relevance to the market place, competitiveness and the future accommodation of new student and employer-market needs.

The Quality Council plays an important role in attaining and maintaining high quality at all functional levels. It will make sure that everyone at the university understands that fulfilling our mission is a life-long continuous task; it is an Olympic Decathlon with no replays, no timeouts, no substitutions and the clock never stops. It is a Marathon without a finish line. Life is not a race to come first, but one of dignity, quality, trust and respect to do our best.

In addition, Ariston believes in the flat rather than the tall hierarchy of management, with continuous improvement, empowerment, investment in human resources and employee growth and development, being part of its core beliefs and values, not just buzz-words.
It is individuals who receive trophies, but it takes a team to win the championship!

At Ariston, we know the significance of a TEAM...

T - ogether
E - veryone
A - chieves
M - ore