Ariston University



"The University that brings peace and prosperity through education and cultural integration"

Ariston's concept, along with its academic programs of Business, Management, Technology, Agriculture, Bioinformaticsand Energy, includes multifaceted-multicultural activities, that encompass all forms of art, music, theatre, poetry, athletics, recreation, etc.

Ariston promotes an atmosphere of understanding various cultures, by providing a variety of ethnic activities. Every weekend the campus will be transformed into a haven of cultural events, including all ethnicities. All this will take place in a professional environment where the full measure of human potential is achieved ethically and freedom is exercised in a reasonable, responsible and respectable fashion.

Finally, the future business and government leaders of the region, who live, study and enjoy the close proximity, will develop lasting bonds. In the future, they will be more apt to negotiate differences, than to promote discord, thus becoming catalysts for peace in war-torn countries, fueled by centuries of hatred.