Ariston University



Every associate is guaranteed life long employability rather than life time employment

We believe in the dignity of each individual and strive to treat every one with respect, fairness, professionalism and trust

Our outstanding faculty and administration will serve with 
honor, pride and distinction, dedicated to serving every one equally

Team work, empowerment, customer–driven quality and of course continuous improvement, will be primary values. We seek to continually improve and optimize both, individual and team performance

The Quality Council, consisting of the Academic, the Business and the Government Advisory Councils, will continually enhance the work place by establishing effective teaching methodologies with state-of-the-art curricula and processes

The Quality Council will cultivate an environment which functions beyond the "zero defects" into the "zero defections" which will ultimately surpass the mentality of "client satisfaction" and elevate onto "client loyalty"

Such environment is pleasant, ensures relevance to the market place, competitiveness and future accommodations of new, student and employer-market needs