Ariston University



Our studentsí spiritual world is as important as their academic one. To be complete, the very essence of our studentsí being, must be cultivated through creative expression. Aristonís program includes multifaceted-multicultural activities that encompass all forms of art, music, poetry, theatre, etc. Ariston will promote an atmosphere of understanding the various cultures, by providing a variety of ethnic activities.

Every weekend the campus will be transformed into a haven of cultural events encompassing all ethnicities.

Different countries will be welcome to present their special brand of ethnic expression. This will take place in an atmosphere of tranquility, in our ancient theatre site as well as in our modern facilities, surrounded by natureís most precious environment, the magnificent Aegean Sea and the picturesque mountains. Cultivating our studentsí artistic energy through interaction in multicultural events, will assist them in developing an in-depth understanding of the world and their existence. Fear and hatred are direct products of ignorance. Both will be neutralized, as our unique approach to education will give birth to a new breed of future leaders, ones who respect, understand and enjoy the differences of their neighbors and now friends.

Finally, the future business and government leaders of the region, who live, study and enjoy in close proximity, will develop lasting bonds. In the future, they will be more apt to negotiate differences, than promote discord, thus becoming catalysts for peace in war-torn countries, fueled by centuries of hatred.

Our Community Environment Will Include:

Museums and galleries,
Culture and entertainment,
Athletics and recreation,
Womenís organizations,
Programs for persons with disabilities,
Honor programs,
Housing and child care centers