Ariston University



All participating countries will enjoy the classical educational methodologies originated in Greece, combined with the technological advances of the USA

Students will no longer have to go to USA, UK, France or Germany to study

Cost of education will be considerably lower than the West European or USA universities, thus the respective country will not suffer the excessive cash outflow

Distance learning centers established in each country, will bring income in the form of investment capital, operational revenue and employee compensation

Distance learning will be available to all participating countries. Such technology will not only cover Ariston's programs, but the Master and Doctorate programs of the affiliated American universities

Each country will have the opportunity to send to Ariston prominent academicians and other personnel to be employed

Special accommodations will be provided in order to facilitate regional business conferences, symposia and training of business executives and other personnel

In most instances, the students who study abroad stay in the country of education, thus depriving the motherland of a dynamic and educated professional. Due to the Distance Learning Centers Ariston graduates will not need to leave their countries

There is a substantial economic difference between Western and Eastern European countries as is with USA and Latin American countries. The per capita is approximately $40,000 .vs. $6,000 on the average, respectively. Technology-driven business-management education will definitely assist in narrowing such gap