Ariston University



Ariston University is an Illinois corporation and as such, is taxable in USA

Ariston University will bring to these countries the American Business-Management-Technology methodologies, which will contribute to the enhancement of their life-style and to the improvement of their economic situation. Thus, the long suffering image of the USA will be enhanced.

American technological techniques will have a direct and lasting impact on all 70 countries
Hundreds of American corporations have extensive and vital presence in these countries. Ariston will solve their long over due problem, of acquiring qualified business-savvy graduates, who understand the culture and the language, while being educated in an American institution. In addition, the compensation of such graduates will be based on the local market's demand, rather than the relocation costs of an American graduate

The challenges of the multiculture-multiethnic issues will be addressed, cultivated and ironed out at Ariston, therefore, its graduates will be more productive, effective and efficient